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    Excuses to Meet helps large organisations foster a happy, engaged environment. Excuses to Meet is a platform your organisation can provide as a Student, Member, Volunteer or Employee Benefit to promote social discovery and boost new friendships "under one roof"​.

    Lets take a large company for example.. with hundreds, maybe thousands of employees. It's common for employees to interact with their team on a daily basis, and maybe even with people outside their immediate team if in the course of doing business. In a company with thousands of employees, this means that you're getting to know 15-25 employees quite well, while missing out on thousands of potential other relationships.

    We provide a platform which enables employees within a company to engage with each other and make internal social connections that can help relieve the pressures of working in a silo. It does this through enabling people to connect on the basis of shared interests and proximity.

  • How It Works

    Your own app on the App Store and Play Store - powered by Excuses to Meet


    You & Us

    We'll discuss your desired app branding and within a month your new app will be live on the App Store & Play Store.



    You'll promote your social discovery app to your members (ie, students, employees, volunteers, etc). A Free Download for them!


    User Log-in

    Your members log-in, they select from a list of "excuses to meet" and are then able to break the ice with each other based on shared interests.



    Members open conversations on a 1-on-1 basis and meet at their best convenience. Voila! Simple and relevant introductions!

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