• Connections are Important in Life

    Whether it’s family, friends, co-workers or kindred spirits. And without them, we’d be pretty lost.


    We believe everyone should have the opportunity to form new connections quickly and easily. So we help large organisations bring their people together – all from a single platform.


    Creating happier, more engaged communities, because life feels better when we experience it together.


    -Excuses to Meet

  • How It Works

    Your white-label app powered by Excuses to Meet


    You & Us

    We'll discuss your goals for community engagement and determine whether Excuses to Meet is right for you.


    Your app

    Within 3 weeks your white-label platform will be available on the App Store & Play Store.


    The launch

    We'll help you plan your soft launch and your hard launch taking into account a variety of factors.


    Your members

    Members log-in and select their favourite "excuses to meet" from a list of popular interests.



    They break the ice on a 1-on-1 basis and meet at their best convenience. Voila, simple and relevant introductions!

  • Universities

    Helping with the early student journey..

    # of Students (UK)

    In 2016/17, there were 2.3 million students at UK higher education institutions.


    Despite this, almost half of UK students (46%) admit to loneliness during their time at university.

    At the moment..

    ..some universities use in-house platforms to help their students connect to each other. However, these aren’t always the most popular, straightforward or user-friendly.

    Why Us?

    Excuses to Meet is an established and successful platform for social introductions. It helps students to break the ice and make new connections, even before they arrive on campus.

    Happiness & Retention

    Supporting and empowering "new friendships" early on in the student experience will help every student confront their academic challenges under less stress and also help with student retention.

  • Sponsors of AMOSSHE's National Conference in Birmingham, UK

    The Roaring 20s themed Gala at AMOSSHE

    According to the World Economic Forum one of the three biggest threats facing the world in 2019 is LONELINESS - where it comes to lifespan, loneliness is just as toxic as smoking 15 cigarettes a day!


    For universities this is a difficult one to monitor through conventional means. How do you support a student feeling isolated who does not seek help? A stronger focus on prevention is necessary and this can be achieved by creating the right environment to help students connect from the start of their journey.


    Communication is the exchange of information, but there's no soul in that.. and then there's “connection”. A connection takes place the moment you feel someone cares about you.. an emotional connection, the exchange of humanity. We all have emotions, that's our currency.


    In this session, Eduardo Cordova, founder of Excuses to Meet, provided a live-demo showing how the Excuses to Meet platform helps first year students build meaningful rapport with one another even before they arrive on campus for their first day of class.

    The AMOSSHE National Conference is the UK’s foremost opportunity for Student Services leaders to share expertise and good practice, develop strategy and skills, and build professional networks. Building communities is one of its key themes in 2019.

  • An Association's Case Study

    Excuses to Meet >< BAPAA


    The British Au Pair Agencies Association is the only government-recognised trade association for the au pair industry in Britain.


    The 30 agencies making up BAPAA place thousands of au pairs with families in the UK on a yearly basis.

    Early journey

    Au pairs relocate to their new home town where they join a new family in an unfamiliar location, which may inevitably lead to some isolation.

    Why Excuses to Meet?

    BAPAA launched their white-label mobile app Au Pairs UK powered by 'Excuses to Meet' to help with the early au pair journey.



    Excuses to Meet helps large organisations foster a happy, engaged environment - because great things happen when more members within your community meet.


    Excuses to Meet is an established and successful platform for social introductions; it helps your organisation promote social discovery and boost new friendships "under one roof"​. Our aim is to be the very best in helping any two people within your organisation make an easy introduction and connect.

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